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Olivia Wilde - House

Olivia Wilde may have just made her exit from House on Monday’s episode, but if you were among the fans hoping for Thirteen to make a brief return in the future to close out her character’s relatively open-ended departure, you might be out of luck.

At the In Time premiere held last night at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, Calif., Wilde told EW that she didn’t foresee a return to the show — even if rumors that it could be the show’s last season prove to be true. “I think the way we left it, if she came back, it would probably seem forced,” Wilde said. “So I don’t think she should come back. I liked her exit story a lot, so I am happy with it.”

Back in June, executive producer David Shore told EW that Wilde would “be back for at least some of the season” but ultimately, Wilde’s sole appearance this season was also her last. In her final episode, Thirteen was fired by House so that she could make a guilt-free move to Greece with her girlfriend. Wilde said her time on the show, which has seen her character struggle with Huntington’s Disease and spend some time in jail, was satisfying without having to revisit it. “I wouldn’t be so bold as to ask for anything more from House,” she told EW. “I had such an amazing run on the show. They’ve done such cool things with my character. She’s been so fascinating, dynamic and cool and unpredictable.”


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Some new information about Olivia Wilde’s first and last (?) episode of the season have been revealed at Ask Ausiello!

Question: Does Thirteen really leave House? If so, when? —Tamar
Ausiello: Next Monday’s episode is Olivia Wilde’s swan song. Of course, if this turns out to be House‘s last season, I have to imagine she’ll put in another appearance in or around the series finale.

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cowboys and aliens

Fiction meets reality in the oddball sensation of the summer, Cowboys & Aliens, which is bolstered by a cast comprised of Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell, and more.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment will be bringing the sci-fi/western mash-up to DVD and Blu-ray on December 6, 2011, making it the perfect strange gift for the resident weirdo in your life. After all, cowboys fending off an alien invasion is about as crazy as you can get, right? The DVD will be available for the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of $29.98, while the Blu-ray will run at the MSRP of $34.98.

The releases will feature the following bonus materials:

* Igniting the Sky: Making Cowboys & Aliens – A comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at the production that invites viewers on set to meet the filmmakers and cast as they create this one-of-a-kind action film. In revealing conversations, Jon Favreau, Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, as well as stars Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde, share their insights into the movie. Also featured are visual-effects powerhouses Legacy Effects and ILM, which join forces once again to push the technological envelope beyond anything ever seen before on screen. It includes:
o Finding the Story — Cowboys & Aliens, based on the graphic novel by Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, has been in development for over a decade. Filmmakers, writers and cast explain why this particular team of Hollywood heavyweights hit the right note to bring this to the big screen.
o The Scope of the Spectacle — A look at the team behind the camera for the film’s massive New Mexico shoot, as the stars ride horses, shoot guns, jump from explosions, and get yanked 80 feet in the air! Director Jon Favreau stages unforgettable action set-pieces as cameras capture every moment, while legendary stuntman and Cowboys & Aliens’ second unit director Terry Leonard brings a lifetime of experience to the big-screen stunts, from legendary moments in John Wayne classics to doubling for Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark.
o Outer-Space Icon — Take a closer look at the creation of a new, terrifying alien design from Legacy Effects and Industrial Light and Magic.
o A Call to Action — A profile of prolific actor, writer and director Jon Favreau featuring on-set video diaries shot throughout the production. (BD only)
o Absolution — A look at the practical re-creation of a dusty Old West mining town, the town’s inhabitants and the amazing ensemble of actors who portray them, as well as an exclusive look at the film’s meticulous production and costume designs. (BD only)

* Conversations with Jon Favreau — Jon Favreau hosts candid interviews with cast and crew. (BD only)
* Director Commentary. (BD only)

You can pre-order the Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy in Blu-ray Packaging or the DVD only.

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The actress has enjoyed a decent year in the movies with Cowboys & Aliens and The Change-Up this past summer and In Time still coming later this month, and now Olivia Wilde has lined up a new project. While a whole slew of actresses apparently wanted the role, Deadline says it’s Wilde who has been set to play 70’s supermodel Suzy Miller in Ron Howard’s Rush, the chronicle of the rivalry between the late playboy British Formula One driver James Hunt and his nemesis, Austrian champion Niki Lauda. There might even be a small role that would reunite Howard with his A Beautiful Mind star Russell Crowe as well. More below!

Miller became quite fond of Hunt who is described as a handsome, womanizing racer, but the story will also show how the model soon came to fall in love with Richard Burton, and that’s the role that Howard is looking to have Crowe take on (though it would be a very small one). Written by The Queen and Frost/Nixon scribe Peter Morgan, the film follows three-time Formula One champion Niki Lauda (Daniel Bruhl) and his near-fatal 1976 racing season where he was nearly burned to death after his Ferrari swerved off the track in only the second lap of the German Grand Prix, crashed, and burst into flames. He emerged six weeks later to pursue his rivalry with fellow driver James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth). Sounds like a great story for the big screen, especially with Howard in the director’s chair.


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Actress Olivia Wilde has confirmed that she is dating someone – but won’t reveal who.

The 27-year-old star has recently been romantically linked to several men, including actors Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper, since she split from her husband Tao Ruspoli in February after nearly eight years of marriage.

When asked if she is currently dating, Wilde told British OK! magazine: ‘Yeah. I like it if the guy possesses creativity and doesn’t take me to a boring restaurant or a boring whatever but comes up with an interesting location. I like to be surprised, for sure.’

Olivia also discussed the break down of her marriage, revealing that she has learnt a lot about herself since she split from Tao.

The Cowboys & Aliens star added: ‘Well, it’s [divorce] traumatic and humbling, and for the first time I’m a bit rickety. But I think it’s very healthy to spend time alone. You need to learn how to be alone and not be defined by another person. ‘But still, you don’t feel so good – more like you’ve failed. I’m afraid that people think I didn’t try enough or something, or I don’t live up to any sort of ideal.’


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Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, Olivia Wilde and Leslie Mann switch bodies in The Change-Up, an R-rated comedy from Universal Studios coming to Blu-ray and DVD on November 8.

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Marking his feature film directorial debut, Peter Glanz will direct “The Longest Week” — a new indie comedy assembled by Far Hills Pictures — and has nabbed Olivia Wilde as his leading lady.

Pic, which Glanz also wrote, joins the titles currently for sale at the Toronto Film Fest. Story centers on Conrad Valmont, affluent and aimless, who lives a life of leisure in his parents’ prestigious Manhattan hotel. In the span of one week, he finds himself evicted, disinherited and in love.

Stone Douglass and Taylor Materne are producing through their Far Hills Pictures banner along with “Rachel Getting Married” producer Neda Armian.

Far Hills packaged and developed the pic and will finance, budgeting “Longest” at under $5 million. Company will look to get the film into production within the next three months.

Wilde has kept busy with Universal’s “Cowboys and Aliens” and 20th Century Fox’s “In Time,” which unspools in October; and “Butter,” which bowed at the Telluride Film Festival.

Glanz based “Longest” on his black-and-white short, “A Relationship in Four Days,” that screened at Sundance and at the Critics Week in Cannes in 2008.

A fully financed development and production shingle, Far Hills most recently produced “Corman’s World,” which unspools in October. Company looks to produce up to three pics a year in the $5 million to $20 million range. WME Global arranged the financing and will represent distribution rights.

Wilde is repped by WME and Untitled Entertainment.


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Actress Olivia Wilde is shooting a documentary about women living and working in Kenya’s most impoverished areas.

The Tron: Legacy star has interviewed female entrepreneurs and toured the Kibera School for Girls in the run-down slums of Nairobi for TV documentary Half the Sky, which she is shooting with writer Nicholas D. Kristof.

The actress also met with women working at the Jamii Bora organisation, which seeks to eliminate poverty through microfinancing, and admits she was inspired by the visit.

In a post on her page, she writes, “Spent the day in Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya, with the strong women of the Jamii Bora micro financing org. My mind is officially blown.”

Actresses Diane Lane, America Ferrera and Nicole Kidman are also filming installments for the Half the Sky documentary.


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olivia wilde

PETA’s 2010 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Olivia Wilde and shelter dog advocate Emma Stone have another (synthetic) feather to put in their nonwool caps.

The ladies each earned a PETA Kind Choices Award for promoting cruelty-free cosmetics from Revlon, one of the first cosmetics companies to ban all animal testing.

Olivia and Emma are gorgeous living proof that women can save animals’ lives with every mascara, eye shadow, and blush product they purchase. In addition to Revlon, hundreds of other companies, including Almay, Kiss My Face and ELF, refuse to test their products on animals. Check out PETA’s handy cruelty-free guide for the complete list.


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Who would you most want by your side in a post-apocalyptic, alien-run Earth? You have five options. Also, this question only applies to Tom Cruise.

Cruise is headlining a developing Joseph Kosinski sci-fi piece, Horizon, in which he’ll play a globetrotting electronics repairman who is reponsible for keeping the human race alive. If this sounds somewhat familiar, you might have known about the project back when it was still advertized under its original name: Oblivion. That title, however, has been sent into… well, you know.

In the film, Cruise’s character will have a right-hand woman: this is one of the two Horizon roles currently in contestion for a handful of actresses. Those included: Jessica Chastain (The Tree of Life and The Help), Olivia Wilde (who has been expanding her reputation beyond House with Tron: Legacy-also directed by Kosinski-and Cowboys & Aliens), Sundance darling Brit Marling (who will play opposite Alexander Skarsgard in the upcoming The East), Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace and Centurion) and Noomi Rapace (the 2009 Girl With the Dragon Tattoo trilogy and Ridley Scott’s upcoming Alien prequel, Prometheus). The other major Horizon role looking to be filled is that of Cruise’s character’s deceased fiancee (who will presumably manifest in dream sequences, flashbacks, hallucinations, or maybe your odd hologram).


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